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For specialist accounting services for dentists, NHS or private, SIAL Healthcare is here to improve your smile

Just as an accountant can’t perform dental surgery, it’s unlikely that any dentist would have the time or inclination to understand the intricacies of accountancy and taxation.

Trying to keep up with the requirements of HMRC is a full-time job, even without the unique complexities of VAT, payment processes and NHS accounting systems. So having a specialist on your side who already understands how to navigate the minefield and avoid the pitfalls can be a real advantage.

SIAL Healthcare Accountants are specialists in advising dentists, dental practices, principals, associate dentists and hygienists on financial and tax matters, both in London and around the UK, leaving you free to manage the more important aspects of your practice, and – more importantly – look after the needs of your patients.

Dentists readily recognise that specialist accountants can manage their affairs more effectively than non-specialists and we have worked with countless dental practices to provide the bespoke services you need to achieve your goals.

We are also members of the ICAEW Healthcare Group, enabling us to maintain our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest changes in the dental healthcare sector.

“I especially value the proactive advice on tax planning and investments I get from SIAL.
As a result, I can look forward to the possibility of retiring, with the confidence of knowing that I, and my family, will be financially secure.”

Dr H.v.T., Dental Practitioner, Twickenham

Specialist accounting services for NHS dentists

The NHS is a complex and paradoxical beast. At its best, it’s a tremendous innovation, bringing dental care to millions through dedicated, compassionate health professionals. But as with any major institution, there are systems and processes that can be bemusing and, at times, frustrating. In no way is that more true than in its accounting and payment systems for dentists.

But help is at hand. We’ve been there and done it. We know all the quirks. We know how to work with the system to satisfy all its requirements and process information through it in the most efficient ways, conforming to the specific formats it demands, and ensuring that you are remunerated quickly and accurately.

So whether your income stream is derived wholly or partly from the NHS, we’re here to help you save money, and make the most of your time.

To find out more about how SIAL Accounting helps to maximise your income and minimise your stress, click here.